GST soon to be added to the price of downloaded entertainment


Just when you thought Netflix was the cheapest fix to public access of overseas creative online content, treasurer Joe Hockey has announced a decision to put a goods and services tax on downloaded ‘intangibles’.

Under Hockey’s new so-called integrity measures, music, movies and games downloaded from overseas will include an additional GST charge.

Hockey claims the revenue raised through this tax would be worth billions. In fact, it’s surprising GST hasn’t already been attached to the services.

Confirmation of this tax is likely to be expected in this year’s budget.



Image: ABC News

Two days ago HBO launched HBO Now, an online subscription-based streaming service in partnership with Apple. Following the Dallas Buyers Club decision, those who pirate the show are probably starting to freak out a bit, because let’s face it, it’s GOT season again.

With Netflix Australia showing no signs of offering up the latest season of bloodshed due to  Foxtel’s monopoly on the series, fans of the most downloaded show in Australia would probably like some of that HBO online streaming service right about now.